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1 000.00 Р
РазмерS BrandNike SizeLarge
Размер кисти6, 4 Размер кисти4
Размер кисти6, 4 Размер кисти4
100.00 Р
BuoyancyF Length10 Weight10 Wobbler's colorYellow Вес8, 10, 12, 6
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About company

A site that sells products online. Allows users to create a purchase order, choose a payment method and deliver the order on the Internet. Having chosen the necessary goods or services, the user usually has the opportunity to select a method of payment and delivery on the site right away.

The main difference between the Internet store and the traditional one is in the type of the trading platform. A typical store needs a trading hall, shop windows, price tags, as well as sellers, cashiers and experienced consultants, the online store has the entire infrastructure implemented programmatically.